Team Project - Arc

This is the third team project that we worked on from May 2023 to August 2023 at Langara College. As a UI/UX designer, I was involved in all stages of the design process, beginning with user research and ending with the final design.

Mock-ups of Arc

My Role

UI/UX Designer


3 Engineers, 4 UI/UX Designers


13 weeks

The Problem

In the film production industry, production houses lack an efficient system to monitor the time spent by film crews, actors, and other participants during daily shoots. They create a 'Daily Production Report' for accurate time tracking. This process is critical not only to ensure precise payment calculations but also to maintain compliance with pre-set timelines and budgets for each project. Currently, this process relies on manual data entry methods, such as using traditional paper records or Google Sheets. This method is not only prone to errors, but also lacks real-time insight. As a result, it is difficult to effectively manage the production process with optimum efficiency and integration of data.

Daily Production Report

Daily Production Report

My Role

I was involved in all processes related to the design of this project from concept to final design, especially the UX area.

The Solution

Arc is a mobile/desktop installable responsive application designed specifically for film production companies to efficiently manage data and track the time spent by team members during shooting or work activities.

User Research

Our team conducted more than 20 user interviews to grasp the needs of our target users. Throughout these interviews, we inquired about participants' daily routines to uncover potential pain points. This process provided us with a profound understanding of users' usage patterns.


We analyzed raw information obtained from user interviews and created a user model. Through this process, we all were able to share the same understanding of the user.

Persona of Arc

Competitive Analysis

After interviewing users, we conducted research on competitors and found some film industry management services. We learned that some existing services could generate a document called a "call sheet," which shares the day's shooting schedule with the cast. However, none of these services focused on creating daily production reports. Moreover, our app offers a dashboard feature to easily understand the current status, helping users manage their projects more efficiently.



With a clear understanding of the needs of our target users and industry background, we have identified four core features for our app and begun the process of refining the scope of the project.

Daily Production Reports
Take complete control of your daily production reports with our flexible customization options.
Project Management
With just a few simple steps, you can create and manage projects efficiantly, whether it's a single or multiple projects.
You can get important insights on your projects in real time. Keep track of the status of your activities at a glance.
PDF Downloading
If your prefer having physical copies of your daily reports, ARC offers the convenience of downloading the sheet as a PDF file.


Based on the feature lists, we created a sitemap with a focus on intuitive labelling and organization, ensuring it would be easily understood by users. Since this app is targeted at professionals, we made sure to design it in a way that would be easiest for them to understand and use when labelling and organizing it.

Sitemap for Arc

User Flows

Based on the sitemap, we created a user flow. This user flow is designed to allow users to most efficiently move through the app based on their own needs and motivations.

User Flow fo Arc


Based on user flow, we started sketching and made lo-fi wireframes.

Wireframe of Arc

User Testing

We conducted user tests with two people who had worked in the film industry. The requested tasks are as follows.

  • Login and create a new project for a movie including basic information. Once you have created the project, go to the project report and fill in all the information.
  • After creating the report, go to check insights and the dashboard with information about the project and filter the resources chart for actors data.

Through user testing, we found the following improvements to the wireframe

User Testing of Arc


After a research process with film producers, articles about movie industry and film references, our team came up with the following adjectives to describe the brand; “Eccentric“, “Efficient“, “Enterprising“. The brand has a retro vibe, using high contrast and vibrant colors, but maintaining an updated design approach.

Branding for Arc


Tools Used

Tools Used


We adopted Agile development using JIRA for a 13-week project. This approach allowed us to focus on user needs and feedback, continuously evaluate the application, and effectively meet user expectations.

  • Every Friday for 30 minutes, everyone on the team participates.
  • Everyone presents the tasks accomplished during the sprint.
  • Discuss the previous sprint in terms of "Keep", "Problem" and "Try".
  • Plan the tasks we will tackle in the next sprint.
Designer MTG
  • Every Friday for 30 minutes, designers participate.
  • Confirm design tasks to be done this week, assign them to each member.
Daily Scrum
  • Every Morning, online, everyone on the team participates.
  • Share the tasks done yesterday, the tasks planned for today, and any blocked tasks (if any)

Measuring Success

To ensure the success of a subscription-based product like Arc, ongoing measurement and improvement post-release are crucial. Here are key metrics that could be used for this purpose:

Conclusion & Learning

Navigating the unfamiliar territory of the film industry was a significant challenge. To overcome this, our team conducted extensive user interviews and research, allowing us to understand the unique needs and pain points of our target users. This experience emphasized the importance of thorough user research in building a product that truly addresses industry-specific concerns.

Team Member